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Testimonial: "Lose weight yes! But not at any cost !! Yoyo effect, deficiencies, cravings - no thanks.
Where others have offered me to count my calories, eat highprotein diet, ... without long lasting success, Ines recommanded me a personalized approach and a rebalancing of food. Individualizing the recommendations according to one's need and not according to some standards, providing the body with the food it needs when it needs, these are 2 of the keys to success. Nutritional therapy is not a diet, it is a new way of eating - without frustration or deprivation, but with results, not only on the scale (-10kg), but also in terms of my sleep, my general energy, my well-being! As Ines rightly says - you are what you eat! I am convinced more than ever! "
Nathalie B

The current medical system is designed to help people who are on the point of no return.

Your health cannot be understood by looking only at the symptoms of one part of the body in the style  "A pill for every ill"  


This is the doctrine of modern medicine.


The goal is to match each of the thousands of illnesses with each of the thousands of medications.


However, everything is interconnected.


Only by addressing the whole body can you achieve optimal health. 

By seeking a comprehensive and preventative approach, you are making the decision to change your life for the better.


This makes nutritional therapy not only ideal for early detection but also constitutes a real "tool" of the preventive approach.


Let's put in place small changes at a pace that suits you the best and work together so that you can discover your bio-individuality.


There is something that will work for you and we will find it together!

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