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Hello there! 

  • Nutrithional Therapist certified by the Training Center for Applied Nutrithion  (CFNA) by

Dr. Curtay, one of the world leaders in Nutrition

  • Member of the Union of French Speaking Nutritrional Therapists (UDNF)

  •  Lecturer in Stress Management and Nutrition

Photo de profil de Ines Jurisi

Ines Jurisic "Nina"

The passion for nutrition started quickly after my birth in the Mediterranean region.  All the basic knowledge (use of plants, mushrooms, preparation of sprouted seeds, lactofermented vegetables, probiotic drinks, use of clay ...) was passed on to me by my mother who was passionate about nature. Years later, and after fifteen years managing companies worldwide I decided to pursue my dream by returning to school and getting my certification as a nutritional therapist and nutritional educator.


The maxim "You are what you eat" reminds us that we all have very different nutritional habits. The good news is that you don't need to study genomics, microbiomics or epigenetics to regain or maintain your good health. All you need are natural and essential nutrients from real foods, easily recognized by your body and able to communicate with the billions of cells that make it up. And since there are also billions of chemical reactions that take place in your body at any given moment, the time to act is now!  


As a certified Nutritional Therapist and Nutritional Educator, I am delighted to share ancestral knowledge studied by researchers to guide you through the transition from the food dogma to the nutritional karma that will bring positive and noticable results to your life. As a member of the Union of French Speaking Nutritional Therapists (UDNF) for applied nutrition and nutritional therapy, I am aligned with their strict code of ethics and practice. To keep abreast of the latest research and scientific advances in nutrition in this rapidly changing world, I regularly participate in conferences and seminars. 


During my free time, you will find me in my garden growing vegetables, in the forest looking for plants, in my kitchen fermenting vegetables, or engage in outdoor activites such as rollerblading, cycling or running...

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